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The Nations favorite white bread – w/o the additives

By on 13th July 2018

What are your expectations to call a bread ‘a good bread’? Shall the crumb be soft and light or gooey and squidgy, the crust thick and crunchy or thin and soft? Everyone’s preference is different. But most people like a soft white bread with high extraction of wheat flour. High extraction meaning no bran included, so high in gluten.

The nation is eating sliced white bread in plastic wrapped for years. It’s cheap, everywhere accessible – but is it good for you?

There were some controversial articles around the subject in February this year. Press for the link here. Of course, the FOB will not admit the bread is ultra processed but please read the labels and particularly check the sell by date. There is a reason why there are so many people suddenly have gluten intolerance or believe have a gluten sensibility or more serious being coeliac.

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My first post – Focaccia

By on 6th February 2017

You may not share my excitement as there are millions of bloggers out there but I am kinda shy and I KNOW I am a rubbish writer. Hold on -I know I can’t write a novel building up a story with interesting characters and describing them in depth over pages BUT I am great in writing instructions and facts like recipes, ingredients, how to etc.

My passion was always baking and cooking so have been teaching baking for the last three years because it is such a great craft, distraction from a stressful job, interaction with your children and of course your home-baked goods are much better for you than buying a shop bought additive-laden product.

As the first recipe I will share the one most included in my baking classes  – Focaccia – a flat Italian bread.


Here is my easy, quick on the side, appetiser or dipping instrument bread made within 90minutes before guest arriving.

  • 320g Strong white Flour
  • 255g Water (28° C)
  • 5g Sea Salt
  • 15g Fresh Yeast or 5g dry active yeast
  • 10g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Some Sea Salt and fresh rosemary to sprinkle on top

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