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Sunday breakfast – Sweet braided yeast bread

By on 4th June 2018
Sweet braided yeast bread

Why shouldn’t have daddy breakfast in bed on father’s day? Now here is an idea to bake a great Sunday breakfast and not just for Father’s Day.

There are two recipes for a sweet braided loaf – both with yeast but one with very little and long fermentation and the other one when you are in a rush and want a treat for the afternoon tea. You may know it under the name Challah because it looks like one but a proper Challah has water, sugar, flour, yeast, salt eggs or olive oil. So not to be confused with a brioche which is an enriched European sweet dough with lots of butter and made with milk.

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Bakes with Yeast | Breakfast | Sweet Bread

Emotional Baking

By on 4th May 2017
Brioche buttons

I am still such a newbie in the blogging sphere trying hard to get grips with all technical issues behind the scene. But no excuse as there are millions out there.

Rather surprised that my last one was at Easter which is already miles away. I was reasonably busy teaching baking, two major social events consisting of some degree of Champagne and late nights and some sad news of a family member. This has not just an impact on our health and well being but also how we bake. Just like when we go to our trusted hairdresser for years but suddenly turning out with a dreadful cut.

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Bakes with Yeast | Breakfast | Sweet Bread

Happy Easter Sunday

By on 16th April 2017
Hot not cross bun

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you baged-in all your schoko eggs before it starts raining. Well, the weather man said 9 then 12 then 14 and now 15 o’clock so maybe we are going to be lucky without it.

I have been to the Savoie region in France eating my way through the delights of pâtisserie française. There were the old favorites of mine like brioche, pain de miel, croissant (bien sûr), opera, mont blanc and hors piste. A mixture of pastry and pâtisserie but I have to admit I brought my own sourdough rye which is more of an Austrian/Germanic/Scani version that my tummy likes very much. Unfortunately the baguettes are getting baked quickly for demand that they are not slow fermented and tend to bloat just like the shop bought English what’s so called bread.

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