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New Year, GCSE, Nutrition and Butternut Squash Tart

By on 10th January 2018
Butternut Squash Tart

Happy New Year 2018!

This is the year of my son’s GCSE so I am in a rush of brushing up my science knowledge to help him even if it’s just a little. I have started a nutrition course, my sourdoughs (wheat and rye) are bubbling away and I am full of energy to tackle at least the next few month smoothly.

I am guessing you had like me goose, turkey or a red meat roast over the festive period too often. So I wanted to start with a vegetarian tart recipe with butternut squash and cavolo nero, the Italian kale version that is available easily and full of flavour. We have our butternut squash harvest stored in our shed and every time I walk in hoping nature has not taken its toll. Speaking of hungry mice having breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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