Wholemeal sourdough bread

Sourdough is coming back to popularity

and I am very happy about it. I have not been very active and consistent updating my baking blog and I am really sorry to the ones who actually come here. Last year in September I enrolled in a course to be a qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. Mainly to improve and deepen my knowledge […]

Sourdough Bread – Variation ONE

It’s all about baking sourdough bread at home. So here is a variation to my last recipe of the Classic Sourdough. Books, Teachers, Instagramers will emphasize that you to make the same bread again and again until you familiarized yourself with the process. As a result the bread will be what YOU expect from your […]

Sourdough Bread – let’s start the magic

The next few posts / recipes will be all about 100% Sourdough Bread baking. Thankfully there is a rising interest in having your own starter culture to bake your home made sourdough bread. Despite of artisan bakeries popping up in major towns, micro-bakeries and bread on farmers market, it is still not satisfying the nation […]

My mixed view of wheat genome decoding

Last week the IWGSC – International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium published their findings in the journal Science. Scientists, research institutions in more than 15 countries have worked on a detailed description of the genome, the genetic material present in a cell or organism. It was thought to be impossible due to the complexity being five […]