Austrian Plum Tart – Zwetschgenkuchen

In Austria there is a type of plum which is called ‘Hauszwetschge’ (house plum). They are ripe in early autumn, small oval shaped, dark purple outside and green to dark yellow inside; eatable straight or cooked. Few years ago I planted a similar variety called Czar. They taste just like the one from my childhood memories but are more round shaped.

Here is a photo of the ‘Hauszwetschge’ which I bought in France last year.

Butternut Squash Tart with Cavolo Nero

This butternut squash tart is an adapted recipe from the book “A love for food” – Daylesford


My preference is using Cavolo Nero but you can also use Kale or Curly green Cabbage. Spinach has too much liquid which would need lots of draining otherwise the tart goes soggy.

The shortcrust tart can be blind baked a day ahead and should be 23-26cm in diameter and at least 5-7cm high.

Lovely to be served on its own with a rocket salad or accompanied with a white fish or roasted chicken.

Butternut Squash Tart