Light Farmers Rye Bread

A hybrid bread - rye sourdough and little fresh yeast incorporated in 50%  light rye and 50% strong wheat flour. This results in a very soft and light crumb but with the dark crust of a pure rye. The sourdough starter has wholemeal rye which has been refreshed twice before using. That way it is not very strong 'sour' acidic.

I have made two round boules but for not experienced bakers this might be a challenge as the dough is very sticky and wet. I would suggest lining two tins and spooning your dough in, leveling with the back of a wet spoon.

The soaker with dried breadcrumbs keeps the bread fresher for longer. See below!

Planning: 10 min prep Sourdough / 10-12 hours; following day: hot soaker, main dough and baking