Classic Sourdough – 50/50 Wholemeal Spelt and T65 Wheat Flour

I have taken the same formula as in the last recipe post - the Classic Sourdough boule except I have taken different flours and therefore adjusted the water.

You would think that wholemeal would absorb more water but spelt in general binds less water and has a weaker dough structure. A dough made with spelt is as a result more difficult to handle. It is softer and actually has a smaller volume.


Classic Sourdough Boule – no knead

In this recipe I have used 100% wholemeal rye sourdough because when I returned from holiday it was super active after just few feeds. And, I even took it straight from my starter jar. Bread baking is all about technique and ingredients. You can use the same recipe over and over again but using different flours and timings and the results will surprise you.

It's a never ending journey giving you pleasure and joy but sometimes frustration.


Light Farmers Rye Bread

A hybrid bread - rye sourdough and little fresh yeast incorporated in 50%  light rye and 50% strong wheat flour. This results in a very soft and light crumb but with the dark crust of a pure rye. The sourdough starter has wholemeal rye which has been refreshed twice before using. That way it is not very strong 'sour' acidic.

I have made two round boules but for not experienced bakers this might be a challenge as the dough is very sticky and wet. I would suggest lining two tins and spooning your dough in, leveling with the back of a wet spoon.

The soaker with dried breadcrumbs keeps the bread fresher for longer. See below!

Planning: 10 min prep Sourdough / 10-12 hours; following day: hot soaker, main dough and baking