Hot X Buns

Here we go again.........another recipe for Hot X Buns.

I know you can buy them anywhere and very cheap with great test results but still - home made is BETTER and you know there are no additives hidden.

So get your kids in the kitchen and bake them yourself. Honestly you will love first of all the smell in your house and then eating them - equally good warmed up in the oven the next day.

The recipe will give you 25 buns if weight 80g unbaked dough. I added cranberries to half of the dough.

Pumpkin sourdough bread

If you have just like me come back from holiday and refreshed your dormant sourdough from the fridge several times over 3 to 4 days you will have a very mild, milky and bubbly sourdough. Therefore I skipped the part taking one spoon off my base culture adding 50/50 flour and water to use in the main dough.

Makes one of 700g or two small ones of each 350g

Artisan Wheat loaf

Artisan Wheat Loaf

A soft white bread is still the nations favorite choice of bread but it does not have to be the sliced shop bought version which is fast produced on a daily basis consisting of far too many ingredients not recognised by the consumer.

Of course there is always the one bought from an Artisan bakery or you get baking by yourself.

Here is a recipe with a yeast-salt solution which makes the dough soft, pliable and keeps it longer fresh. I know, I know everyone will say ‘but the salt kills the fresh yeast’! Yes, the yeast cells are gone but the enzymes are there. (see Blog post for more detail)


Braided sweet bread – long fermentation

Braided sweet bread called ‘Striezel’ in Austria is usually on a Sunday’s breakfast table or any other shape but it’s got to be a sweet yeasted bread like brioche.

This recipe is the healthier version – little yeast and long fermentation over night in the fridge. Healthier because all grain consists of plant defense substances that is hard to digest for our gut but if there is a long fermentation those are getting broken down completely. Partly the reason why we are less bloated.