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A doughs journey, a friend in a jar and everything else about baking

My mixed view of wheat genome decoding

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Are you baking or just eating ice cream?

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The Nations favorite white bread – w/o the additives

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Sweet braided yeast bread

Sunday breakfast – Sweet braided yeast bread

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Faschingsdienstag or Pancake Day

By on 27th February 2017

Living nearly half my life in England made me forgetting the Austrian version of Pancake day. On January 6th is epiphany, the Three Kings Day, when the carnival and ball season starts. Every profession like bakers, lawyers, doctors etc have their ball. The season ends on Faschingsdienstag, pancake day with everyone dressing up having a big party. And everyone eats Faschingskrapfen = Fasching means carneval, Krapfen means doughnut.

So with the food we have a common understanding as on Ash Wednesday lent starts so we have to eat up all the eggs, flour and fat until Easter when we can stuff ourselves with chocolate eggs.

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Topfentorte – Baked Quark Cheese Cake

By on 20th February 2017

The Austrian’s and Bavarian’s (district south of Germany) are quite simply mad about Topfen=Quark. It is a much healthier version compared to cream cheese and gives a much lighter texture. There are so many dishes involving quark and this recipe is going to be start to my never ending collection of sweet and savoury recipes.

Eventually more supermarkets stock quark in 200-250g tubs plain or with added flavour. I would recommend using the plain quark from Golden Acre which is authentic Bavarian. This recipe is the favorite of my daughter which she can gobble down for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Baked Cheesecake with Quark

Baked Cheesecake with Quark




16 pieces

Short crust pastry - pate sablee

Quark mousse


  1. Line a round cake tin of 26cm or 24cm diameter with parchment paper including the sides. Dot some butter around that the paper sticks to it. While baking the mousse will rise very high but goes down when cooling. So you need at least 10cm height. Preheat the electric oven to 200 degrees C.
  2. Make a pastry with all listed ingredients until you have a smooth dough, put it in cling film and rest for 30 minutes in the fridge. If your dough is not too warm you can straight roll out to 3-4mm thickness and fill your round baking tin of 26cm diameter. Roll a sausage and fill all around the edge. You will have some left over dough to use for short crust biscuits or keep in freezer for another tart.
  3. For the quark mousse put the quark, sour cream, egg yolk, 125g caster sugar, corn flour, milk, zest of lemon, salt and vanilla in a bowl and mix until smooth. In another bowl mix egg whites with rest of caster sugar to a creamy meringue and carefully mix under the quark mousse. Fill on top of your cooled pastry, level and put in the oven. When there has been a crust formed on the top reduce the oven temperature to 160 degrees C and finish baking until golden and baked through.



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Bakes with Yeast | Savoury Bread

My first post – Focaccia

By on 6th February 2017

You may not share my excitement as there are millions of bloggers out there but I am kinda shy and I KNOW I am a rubbish writer. Hold on -I know I can’t write a novel building up a story with interesting characters and describing them in depth over pages BUT I am great in writing instructions and facts like recipes, ingredients, how to etc.

My passion was always baking and cooking so have been teaching baking for the last three years because it is such a great craft, distraction from a stressful job, interaction with your children and of course your home-baked goods are much better for you than buying a shop bought additive-laden product.

As the first recipe I will share the one most included in my baking classes  – Focaccia – a flat Italian bread.


Here is my easy, quick on the side, appetiser or dipping instrument bread made within 90minutes before guest arriving.

  • 320g Strong white Flour
  • 255g Water (28° C)
  • 5g Sea Salt
  • 15g Fresh Yeast or 5g dry active yeast
  • 10g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Some Sea Salt and fresh rosemary to sprinkle on top

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