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The pleasure of Real Bread

There is a large gap from my last posting till now and my IG followers know of my struggles getting to terms losing my brother last year. I kept on baking but found it difficult sitting down in front of the computer putting words together. My mind always drifted off staring at all the photos […]

My mixed view of wheat genome decoding

Last week the IWGSC – International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium published their findings in the journal Science. Scientists, research institutions in more than 15 countries have worked on a detailed description of the genome, the genetic material present in a cell or organism. It was thought to be impossible due to the complexity being five […]

Are you baking or just eating ice cream?

Lots of my insta friends can’t bear the warm temperature standing in the kitchen switching the oven to 200 degrees C or above to bake. They rather crawl up to the freezer to get some ice cream to cool them down. I have to be honest – I am loving this summer. It is actually […]

The Nations favorite white bread – w/o the additives

What are your expectations to call a bread ‘a good bread’? Shall the crumb be soft and light or gooey and squidgy, the crust thick and crunchy or thin and soft? Everyone’s preference is different. But most people like a soft white bread with high extraction of wheat flour. High extraction meaning no bran included, […]

Sweet braided yeast bread

Sunday breakfast – Sweet braided yeast bread

Why shouldn’t have daddy breakfast in bed on father’s day? Now here is an idea to bake a great Sunday breakfast and not just for Father’s Day. There are two recipes for a sweet braided loaf – both with yeast but one with very little and long fermentation and the other one when you are […]