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Brioche buttons

Emotional Baking

I am still such a newbie in the blogging sphere trying hard to get grips with all technical issues behind the scene. But no excuse as there are millions out there. Rather surprised that my last one was at Easter which is already miles away. I was reasonably busy teaching baking, two major social events […]

Hot not cross bun

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you baged-in all your schoko eggs before it starts raining. Well, the weather man said 9 then 12 then 14 and now 15 o’clock so maybe we are going to be lucky without it. I have been to the Savoie region in France eating my way through the delights of p√Ętisserie […]

Faschingsdienstag or Pancake Day

Living nearly half my life in England made me forgetting the Austrian version of Pancake day. On January 6th is epiphany, the Three Kings Day, when the carnival and ball season starts. Every profession like bakers, lawyers, doctors etc have their ball. The season ends on Faschingsdienstag, pancake day with everyone dressing up having a […]


Topfentorte – Baked Quark Cheese Cake

The Austrian’s and Bavarian’s (district south of Germany) are quite simply mad about Topfen=Quark. It is a much healthier version compared to cream cheese and gives a much lighter texture. There are so many dishes involving quark and this recipe is going to be start to my never ending collection of sweet and savoury recipes. […]

My first post – Focaccia

You may not share my excitement as there are millions of bloggers out there but I am kinda shy and I KNOW I am a rubbish writer. Hold on -I know I can’t write a novel building up a story with interesting characters and describing them in depth over pages BUT I am great in […]