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Real Bread Week 6-14th May 2017

We are celebrating the annual Real Bread Week to support local and independent real bread bakeries, micro-bakeries and home bakers. Launched in 2009 by the Real Bread Campaign which is part of Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming – funded by membership fees, donations and charitable grants.

Coincidently it is running at the same week as Coeliac awareness week. Please click here for more information.

The aim of the Real Bread Week is to encourage more people to bake additive-free loaves at home and to educate children how easy it can be to bake bread at home or in a cookery class at school. It is not just fun for them but also to make young children aware of the artificial additives which are in industrial loaves. Once they have made a real bread made from wholemeal flour with their own hands they will love the taste.

Here is the link to the Real Bread Campaign website where you can find so much information about their work, recipes, classes, events, buying ingredients and so so much more. And of course subscribe to be a member supporting their cause and receive some discounts in return.

There has been quite a controversy around bread the last 12 month that has got me thinking and investigating the matter. I have always loved bread growing up mainly on rye and Mischbrot (50% rye 50% wheat). When I moved to the UK, I was amazed with the white, fluffy and squishy white toast bread but soon felt bloated and not satisfied at all. Soon I was longing for my wholesome, nutritious sourdough bread that was not available round the corner. Harrods then bakery had a very good selection but sadly that was a long way from Surrey where I used to live. (And with great sadness that bakery is gone). So besides baking cakes all my life I had to start baking my own bread. This journey was some time ago and is still ongoing……….

Believe it or not but the 4 main ingredients of flour, water, salt and leaven is a fascinating experience.

Bread – the 4 elements of life FIRE, WATER, AIR AND EARTH – the cereal mixed with water and air to make a dough and the heat from the fire to bake and give it taste due to the Maillard reaction.

Unfortunately the traditional baking of bread and knowledge have been neglected and forgotten with manufacturing to make a quick profit at the expense of our health and well being. This is a massive subject but for now and this post I would like to emphasise on to learning to bake your own bread or buy from your artisan bakery – I know there are only few around but they are growing with public demand. Bread should be a side order or accompany your meal and not be the main course. We are not working off the additional carbohydrates therefore little, wholesome bread made with organic, stoneground flour is better for our health in the long term.

There will be lots and lots of recipes to follow.

I am running baking classes in Cambridgeshire, UK – please send me mail if you are interested.

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