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Classic Sourdough – 50/50 Wholemeal Spelt and T65 Wheat Flour

Classic Sourdough – 50/50 Wholemeal Spelt and T65 Wheat Flour

I have taken the same formula as in the last recipe post - the Classic Sourdough boule except I have taken different flours and therefore adjusted the water.

You would think that wholemeal would absorb more water but spelt in general binds less water and has a weaker dough structure. A dough made with spelt is as a result more difficult to handle. It is softer and actually has a smaller volume.




  1. In a bowl weigh the rye sourdough, add the water and stir with your hand or spoon to break up the sourdough. Add both flours and mix until combined to one dough - does not have to be smooth. Cover up with a cloth and leave 30 minutes = Autolyse Add salt and water and work with your hand through the dough until all absorbed.
  2. In the next 2.5 hours every 30 minutes stretch and fold your dough. Towards the end be more gentle. The dough should be easy to stretch, light and puffy. Put on the slightly floured work surface and form a round loaf. Flour your banneton basket and put the dough with the seam upside in. Cover with clingfilm or use a recyclable plastic bag to put over night into the fridge.
  3. The next morning preheat your oven to the highest temperature usually 250 degrees C. Otherwise have a baking stone or oven tray to be heated up. Score and put in the oven. The boule needs steam for the first 10 minutes until well risen, open the door to let the steam out or remove the lid from your lodge. Reduce the oven temperature to 230 degrees C and bake for another 30 minutes until fully baked.


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