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Marble Bundt or Gugelhupf Cake

Marble Bundt or Gugelhupf Cake

You might think the measurements are odd to your usual recipes but this is scaled down from making 3 Bundt Cakes. The Tin measuring 200mm diameter with 95mm height. If your bundt tin is bigger, take one and a half the ingredients.



  1. Butter, wheat starch/corn starch, icing sugar, vanilla, lemon zest and salt mix in a bowl until very fluffy. Add the egg yolks in stages Whisk the egg white to a foam and then add the caster sugar and keep whisking until a creamy meringue Combine the butter mixture with the meringue in stages and then fold in the flour. In a separate bowl combine cacao, sunflower oil and the hot water until very smooth. Take a third or if you want more choc mixture, take half of your dough mixture and fold it through your cacao paste.
  2. Grease your tin with butter and dust with flour. Fill all your pale dough first and then your chocolate dough. Take a fork and swirl the dark dough around to make a marble effect. You can fill drops of each and make a pattern your choice.
  3. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 160 degrees C fan for approximately 60 minutes. This is depending on your oven! Check after 40 minutes at closed oven door.


In Commercial baking ingredients are always stated in metric because it is precise. Like for eggs there can be a rather big difference if you take a small egg that weighs under 53g and a large egg weighs 63-73g. An egg white weighs 2/3 and the yolk 1/3 roughly. So for the above I would suggest 4 medium eggs. It is more important to get the 140g of egg whites!!

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