Your friend in a jar


What is Sourdough or in my native German Sauerteig?

Flour, Water and two types of living creatures – lactic acid bacteria and yeast and there are thousand of different types of them called also microorganism.

For centuries all over the world people made bread with this natural leaven. And exactly this natural fermentation brings the aroma and flavour into the bread.


What does Sourdough do?

  • it creates the bubbles in your bread crumb
  • gives your bread taste and aroma
  • extends the freshness of your bread
  • delays your bread getting moldy
  • health benefits due to microorganism, long fermentation and no chemicals

I constantly work with a wheat sourdough and rye sourdough and occasionally I make a very stiff livieto madre which is also wheat but has sugar and/or oil added.


Active Wheat Sourdough Starter (50% Canadian Wheat 50% Wholemeal Wheat and water)