What to do with all those apples……..CAKE

We can all relax now. The winner of the British Bake Off 2019 is revealed. Congratulations to David! Here I want to share my favorite Apple sort of pie recipe. It certainly needs a lot of apples which is not bad at all as they are in season in abundance. Choose your favorite variety – […]

Are you baking or just eating ice cream?

Lots of my insta friends can’t bear the warm temperature standing in the kitchen switching the oven to 200 degrees C or above to bake. They rather crawl up to the freezer to get some ice cream to cool them down. I have to be honest – I am loving this summer. It is actually […]

Sweet braided yeast bread

Sunday breakfast – Sweet braided yeast bread

Why shouldn’t have daddy breakfast in bed on father’s day? Now here is an idea to bake a great Sunday breakfast and not just for Father’s Day. There are two recipes for a sweet braided loaf – both with yeast but one with very little and long fermentation and the other one when you are […]

Gugelhupf, a little history

The history of the Gugelhupf is related to the development of the shape which goes in fact back to the Romans. Baking forms in the shape of rills and a cone in the middle have been discovered in Carnuntum, just outside of Vienna (I was there on a school trip), Budapest, France and the Rhein […]