Strawberry mousse cake with chocolate almond sponge

Strawberry season is just about to start and I can't wait to indulge in the juicy, sweet and deep red fruit.

Here I have used pureed fruit out of the freezer from last year's huge crop.

Best to make the day before to let it all set for 6 hours in the fridge. For the Chocolate almond sponge use a 23cm diameter cake tin and then a wider 24cm cake ring for the mousse.

Hot X Buns

Here we go again.........another recipe for Hot X Buns.

I know you can buy them anywhere and very cheap with great test results but still - home made is BETTER and you know there are no additives hidden.

So get your kids in the kitchen and bake them yourself. Honestly you will love first of all the smell in your house and then eating them - equally good warmed up in the oven the next day.

The recipe will give you 25 buns if weight 80g unbaked dough. I added cranberries to half of the dough.

Braided sweet bread – long fermentation

Braided sweet bread called ‘Striezel’ in Austria is usually on a Sunday’s breakfast table or any other shape but it’s got to be a sweet yeasted bread like brioche.

This recipe is the healthier version – little yeast and long fermentation over night in the fridge. Healthier because all grain consists of plant defense substances that is hard to digest for our gut but if there is a long fermentation those are getting broken down completely. Partly the reason why we are less bloated.

Sweet Breakfast Bread

Sunday Sweet Braided Milk Bread

This 4-strang braided milk bread made with fresh yeast is the ideal breakfast for Sunday but you will find it in most households over the Easter period called Osterstriezel = Easterstriezel – well there is no translation for Striezel which sort of entered into the English language by now.

You can either mix the dough late evening and put it overnight in the fridge for cold prove or if you are an early riser than in the morning hours before everyone else gets up. It should only take you under two hours from start to finish.

You can make two large braided loaves or three smaller ones and suggest to put them in the freezer for that quick Sunday breakfast or when guest arriving for afternoon tea. If you are not a super braider there is always to option to put them in a tin.